Friday, December 24


we were gifted a book this holiday season from my aunt which is entitled 'Ethiopian Voices, Tsion's Life ' . The author and her husband themselves have adopted from Ethiopia. Quote " in response to the lack of Ethiopian resources for adoptive families "... she wrote her first book and now this one.

i have yet to read through all the pages but i can say so far that the photos, taken from a freelance photographer, are goegeous.

the book offers insight into the translation of Amharic words into English as it tells the journey/story of one girls life in Ethiopia.

on a cozy night i plan to cuddle up, take in the beautiful photos, learn some new words; while reading her story.

Monday, December 20

hands across the world

R. Kelly & One8; the group is made up of 2Face (Nigeria), Alikiba (Tanzania), Amani (Kenya), Fally Ipupa (DRC), 4X4 (Ghana), JK (Zambia) Movaizhalene (Gabon) & Navio (Uganda).

and, from our family to yours, happy holidays.

Wednesday, December 15


a basket filled w/ 11 bags of candle pie Tarts,

to this- an empty basket.

Fund Raiser Success... thank you (my) B !!!

Tuesday, December 14

G's kitchen

Fund Raiser Holiday candle PIE Tarts.
Available now to pre-order visit 'our Store'.

Becoming avialable in new Grandmas Kitchen scent.

paint, round 1

first coat of paint; done.
before photo: link .

Monday, December 13

CB tree is up ..

...can link to our catblog post here: 'tree to cuddle under' to see photos of a before link & after shots taken during the process of bring'n good ole Mr. Browns tree to life 2010 style .

Sunday, December 12

crib climber & making our Tree...

we were blessed to come across a baby crib. it has been in my husbands family for generations. he slept within this very crib. today we brought it inside. we love how it exerts the way cribs should feel; warm, cozy, beautiful simple structure. in the near future we will be painting it a warm color.
our cat, pengy, found it very interesting. used it as her ladder climbing right up to inspect. once the mattress is in, i foresee this crib being the cozy bed for 4 cats before their brother comes home.

today was very creative around our house as well...
because today we began making our very own first Charlie Brown cmas tree:
pengy scoping out the goods; we used a previously cut log & branch from our backyard,

before photo; our tree stump and branch,

getting down to business; daddy creating branch inset w/ his drill,

side view,

and, top view,
and, UM, kitty view,
kitty approved and climbable might i add.
i'm thinking by tomorrow our blog will post the finished product; lights, the single red bulb, and some extra Christmas Kraft warmness taking it back to the classic Charlie Brown winter scene.

this tree idea came upon me one nite and I could not shake it... it was the tree we were to create; our own warm tradition, 2010. i knew with my husband we could make it happen. thanks babe!

Wednesday, December 8


another reason to love our small town is a thoughtful gesture offered when unexpected. our local bank is kinda wonderful. people know one another. upon making a gift candle for one employee last month - in return it was suggested to my husband that i bring some to sell. toward our FUND RAISER EFFORT a batch of 40 candle Tarts have now been prepared, ready to be displayed tomorrow. being a behind-the-scenes person, B offered to take them on over. he is awesome! fingers crossed those walking through the doors enjoy candles added w/ the touch of Holiday Tart-pie style.

Tuesday, December 7

Cloth Snowman

...brought to life with Love .

This craft was quite simple to create.
1) three objects for body (flat surface best),
2) different cloth fabric patterns,
3) buttons, safety pins, glue, needles,
4) a small winter top hat,
5) two twigs for arms.

And, there you go... a warm & cozy clothman who will not melt into a puddle.

Friday, December 3

wax bakery

First photo of my Candle Pies! I love how they turned out and are SO much fun to make.

These are still for sale if interested. Apple Cinnamon Scented.
My cat tried to nibble on the Pie. LOL!

And, the Holiday Tarts are available as well...

Wednesday, December 1

for those adopting infant Girls ...

listed now on craigslist. email me for link if interested.

As we will now be adopting a little Boy :) these little Girl clothes are up for grabs. There is a Huge Lot of 10. Adorable stuff Ladies!!

Monday, November 29

a Yummy smellicious reminder ....

Candles Molded to resemble Real Holiday Pies from the Bakery.

*Sprinkled on top with real Cinnamon...
-for that added Home Made appeal :)

*Wax shaped into Apple slices embedded

*Wax cut to resemble dough layered pie crust

And as Pengy demonstrates above, they Appear good enough to eat ....

My kitchen will begin its Candle Pie making process next week. If interested orders need to be received by this Friday latest.

New customers =(2 candles) for 20.00 plus 4.95 ship together in box.

We have received 2 orders so far... thank you!...

and, Our FUNDRAISER thanks you!!

Wednesday, November 24


for my bday this year i was given an amazon gift certificate.
we purchased these:

: )

Sunday, November 14


wall mudding complete. next, paint :)

Wednesday, November 10

drywall. wet paint.

we just finished drywalling our bedroom! whoop!! next steps.... mudding & painting then the carpet- then we can officially move our furniture down from our 'now' bedroom into our new one. and that means the baby's room is now ready to welcome our child in to one day. actually it will be the baby's room slash guest room as it will have a twin bed in it for when our child grows :) and probably also used for late nights and early mornings for mom and daddy to chill out in when we are up with our little one!! Cant wait to start doing a lil decorating. the walls are painted red, which we will keep. i plan on painting gray elephants or similar mid-height around the crib in a border style. this bedroom has its own bathroom and walk in closet so our baby will have his own baby suite to grow into which is kinda cool. we have renovated our 'new' bedroom downstairs by opening up the wall to the bathroom so we too will have access to one :)- jack and jill doors. i have a feeling though that our lil one will be spending alot of time with us in our room during the adjustment- and it just so happens we came across a smaller crib recently that has been in my husbands family for generations. he used it as a baby as did many others. very cool! i see that crib being in our room as well :)

Sunday, November 7

quick update

right now we are working on some home improvements. we have been assigned our social worker with our agency. soon we will be applying with our home study agency as well. the next step with the adoption is to start on our official application. we are getting there!!! :)

Thursday, October 7

welcome Fall

... We missed you!

Wednesday, September 29

t(ree) - shirt

so, i have this t-shirt that, having been through the dryer one too many times, just did not fit anymore; but i did not want to throw it out. the wording upon this shirt is golden. i thought, hey i will use it within a wall hanging in our office.

my mother-in-law is an amazing quilter; and so she created this:

dispersed throughout are the words upon the t-shirt,

Advice from a Tree:

*stand tall & proud
*sink your roots into the earth
*be content with your natural beauty
*go out on a limb
*drink plenty of water
*remember your roots
*enjoy the view .

Saturday, September 25

fundraiser #1, Fall .

This weekend has been a crafty one; assembling bags, melting wax, adding chip dye and then the secret ingredient-Extra essential oils, in preparation of completing our very first batch of orders. Our home smells as if you stepped into an apple orchard & went from smelling of Harvest, to Apple and onto Pumpkin tomorrow, all within a matter of three days. Fall is officially here y'all! See sidebar for photo in color; all Ethiopian colors. Enjoy bringing Fall inside? if so, please check out our link . In the months of Nov.-Dec. wick candles will be available as well.

Tuesday, September 21

i spy ...

a NEW template! our other two blogs never had a glitch within the comment section within their layout. why this one did, i guess we will never know. regardless, it was figured out and we now have a better flowing blog to boot; upon recalling (duh) that to actually have a normal comment 'link' (without asking readers go thru click'n the post titles to do so) involved installing a new template. blah. i knew that; but preparing to conquer it took alot of patience & time (ironically, something needed as all AP's know). so, went all out & gave this blog a complete layout lift! < sigh > good grief. now, am off to Zzz.

Tuesday, September 14

Bono. One. (Red) .

post summary can be viewed at end of videos.

campaigns as progressed throughout the years:

within video 2, there are what some would consider disturbing 'images' upon its start (i have a hard time referring to people as images). viewing is up to the viewer however we hope one does carry on to watch. & honestly, please pardon me but, suck it up cause it is real and it exists. yes, it reveals one childs desperation being sought thru a farm animal. obviously the result of extreme dehydration, malnourishment, starvation; pick one, each goes hand in hand; surviving upon any means to replenish his little body. along side Bonos' artistical music, led into the heart of the video evolves a level of humanity worth witnessing (by the way, love this song!).

campaign, 'One'

most recent campaign, '(Red)'

I almost had the privilege of meeting Bono. Years ago while working within the missions department of a church, the staff was informed that this man was arriving to speak upon issues such as Human Rights,Global poverty and Africa within our very walls. We soon however learned that he had to cancel this engagement as he had unexpectedly been called & needed elsewhere. This was many moons ago, but knew who he was from the band U2, then becoming aware of his efforts in Africa & his global Human Rights campaigns which now are world known. Aren't they? Well, its getting there. Do I personally respect this man? Well, I do not personally know him so I cannot answer. Now, ask me, do I respect his Efforts and Causes? Well, HECK YES!; which tends to lead into actually respecting the individual from a standpoint of common ground. Whether or not one likes Bono as an artist or an individual is ones personal decision. Some view him for what good work he is doing, others scrutinise him. It seems vividly logical to respect one fully for the good effort they put forth. Whatever the case (Red) has raised funds & awareness; and of the two isn't awareness the point. As I have seen the t-shirts around, it shows he has gotten the message out; even if only a hand full of people understand what this campaign means & represents thru interpreting the Cause as awareness, than Bono has succeeded. His fame, nor his money nor his name should matter; those things have only paved the way to help aid the crusade by offering time & support in a way many 'celebrities' have not. He's a person who seems to continue on while welcoming the understanding & support regardless of any wasted speculation. Well done! I would like to some day attend one of his concerts. It appears he is touring overseas 2010; if anyone knows otherwise, of an upcoming united states tour please let me know.

footnote: the 'videos' themselves are humbly validated through many adoptive families who have, after returning from Africa, shared that they cannot forget what they saw; that they are forever changed.

Sunday, September 12

dreams & hope matter

" You know a dream is like a river
Ever changin' as it flows
And a dreamer's just a vessel
That must follow where it goes
Trying to learn from what's behind you
And never knowing what's in store
Makes each day a constant battle
Just to stay between the shores;
Too many times we stand aside
And let the waters slip away
'Til what we put off 'til tomorrow
Has now become today
So don't you sit upon the shoreline
And say you're satisfied
Choose to chance the rapids
And dare to dance the tide ;
There's bound to be rough waters
And I know I'll take some falls
But with the good Lord as my captain
I can make it through them all "

Tuesday, September 7


part II of Mondays post, natural:
we biked to KY's Natural Bridge. a bridge which sits in its' natural state created by years upon years of water beating beneath it. as mentioned, check out our post from Monday to view the actual photos of the bridge. (the first photo you will see was taken from beneath the actual bridge; while the third photo is taken standing on the bridge itself looking down). this photo here is at the top; just before getting to the bridge. everyone had to walk through this narrow walkway (about 1.5 feet in width). very cool! me at the top. it was approximately a 2 mile hike straight up. turns & twists. and the higher you got, the steeper it took you. the end result was awesome. i sit by this shaded tree for a photo while taking in all the breath-taking beauty this view top offered.
my hubby & bro.-n-law enjoying the day. a moment of awe.
this was on our way out. this drive-thru tunnel was amazing. it was what i would title a cave tunnel. all natural. completely pitch dark. and air conditioned by nature herself. a blast on a motorcycle might i add.
we had a wonderfully great time. if you are ever in KY, i recommend visiting the Natural Bridge & all of its' magnificent surroundings.

Monday, September 6


Monday, 9/6. where did we spend our day?

here's one hint:& another:okay, three:
any guesses? if you are familiar with Kentucky territory you just might know. the post title is part of the answer. more photos to come of our relaxing, fun & beautiful outing, Labor Day, 2010.

& i have to comment on something that occurred today while walking down the trail; my husband softly gestures to me 'honey, look' . as i look up above me, to my sides , at the rocks and sites, he adds, ' honey, open your eyes' . what? huh? i'm thinking what is it i'm not seeing while my head seems to be in the clouds of bliss surrounding me. then, i look ahead, forward. coming up the trail towards us is a little girl, maybe 5 years old, with stunning Ethiopian features. behind her walks her daddy and further behind, out of breath, walks her mommy. both Caucasian. i look to my husband. i say 'thank you' under my breath, as i am smiling inside at this wonderful sign. a glimpse into our future. what are the chances of, while in the midst of a hike, passing this couple who had obviously adopted from Ethiopia. in our hearts we both knew. my husband and i smiled at each other; the kind of smile where only a couple shares those unspoken words of 'it's all good' focused from the heart, bypassing the mouth. our outing was beautiful and this one moment was important and softly reminds me of how we are on the right path. natural & literally.

Monday, August 30

fluttering yellow halo

i was texting with my dear friend Michelle today, mentioning an experience that lasted about 2 minutes yesterday. she said ' i think it is a sign' , and i already agreed as that is what i felt Sunday for those brief moments in my car...
it occurred yesterday as i was driving home. on our country road. just my car on the road. a beautiful day. when what seemed like 500 yellow butterflies appeared within the parameters of the outside of my vehicle. they stayed, fluttering around, and traveling with me. on the radio i noticed what song was playing. my body, my mind, my instinct intertwined at that moment. i knew.

my mother passed away 6 years ago. yellow was her favorite color of flower. the artist who was singing on the radio was one of her all time favorite singers. we grew up listening to his voice blaring on the record player, the 8 track, you name it.

i listened to the words. i watched the butterflies. it was beautiful.

the song sang words that were not of coincidence at that very moment. it sang of reaching out, hands touching hands, spring becoming summer;
we decided to adopt this past spring & we apply to adopt in Oct.
it sang of affirmation, of pride in someone you love. for myself, it was interpretation of my mothers love. of her comfort & validation in knowing her daughter is happy. her peace knowing we are adopting a child, a daughter, her grandchild. it sang of a message of love and comfort. of life's grand full circle. and that she was okay and loving us all from above.
as the village of yellow butterflies danced around my vehicle & the song played on, the two paralleled into one occurring at the same moment creating its' glory.
this experience was my mom. some things you just know.

the song:

Thursday, August 26


Her inspirational words;
To read, go to Page tab at top titled 'wisdom' .

Tuesday, August 24

Monday, August 23


if any of our readers are interested in candle TARTS please pop on over to our brand spanking new HomeTarts blog (within its' preliminary phase). & please take the Poll. i want to get an idea of what Fall fragrances those interested would like best. reminder- these tarts (3 to a bag) will be in ethiopian colors of red/green/yellow regardless of the flavor one chooses.*and, if you would like to view some adorable 5 weeks old kittens, please visit their new slideshow on our catblog.

Saturday, August 21


answer to a question: why did you choose ethiopia?
we have had 2-3 people ask us this since we made our decision.
our answer is a constant consisting of two words,
' the need ' .
and as one reader recently gently worded it, ' because that is where our daughter was' ... couldn't agree more.

parallel needs; a childs need stirred together with our need to love a child into our family.

we do offer insight here to help better inform & educate about adoption:

we know children within the U.S need families. we know this. and if you have adopted domestically, that too is beautiful; all children, no matter what part of the world, need and deserve a family. our take here is based solely on international because we are adopting from ethiopia and our feeling is the need for adoption within this third world country, is well, needier. it just is. much needier. when i say this, i do not mean need for family, i am referring to basic necessities. health care is scarce. parentless children are overpopulating the number of available caregivers. disease is abundant. the basic necessities offered within the united states for adoptable child(ren) are met, and well met at that. third world countries such as ethiopia can only hope for that kind of care for their orphanges. i could go on, but i don't want to & less is more; hence i will leave it at that.

in retrospect, within my own reflection i've come to realize that while i myself spent 4 years of my own childhood living within a third world country, it changed me. at an early age. i saw. i felt. i strongly knew the differences were huge. and, it stuck with me.

*you may also link to the following within our blog:
:we choose ethiopia:

...within love, because of human need.

Friday, August 20


mail bird Pictures, Images and Photos of today, our preliminary adoption paperwork is on its' way.

Wednesday, August 18

she's mine

my husband came to me today, sat down next to me on our couch & handed me the ear pieces to his cd player. he told me to listen to this song as he was 'dedicating it to me' .

God i love this man, my husband, my rock.

...there was not enough kleenex's in the world.

the morning after...

for a few months i have posted here & there about some remodeling/reorganizing we need and are doing within our home. as we approach Oct., when we will be having our home appraised for hopeful equity to help fund our adoption, we have begun finishing up the odds & end jobs to complete our projects. two of our 'to do' items were 1. turn the little bedroom into an office and 2. turn the converted garage into our new bedroom. we can now mark those two partially off the list! there is a bit more to do in each room, but half of it was accomplished last night. midnight was my stopping point. i fell asleep within 10 minutes after i took an ibuprofen, applied rubbing alcohol to my two cuts which were the result of the process of a lamp shade i accidentally broke and a door i took off its hinges- hence landing on my foot.
so , enter the title of this post. when you finish a project, one that takes hours to complete, and muscle & a sweat rag as necessities, isn't it the best feeling to wake up and walk up and look at the progress you made. it feels so good. so worth it. none of the sore muscles even matter now. the project you completed is right there in your sights and you feel awesome. and i do have to say, i actually did enjoy it all. i like knowing that i am capable of being partner within our marriage, able to leap buildings.... i mean, able to use these two hands of our 4 hands and do what i can while my hardworking husband is out earning us money. i love being part of a relationship where we work together. my husband works his butt off every day out there, and well, last night i worked mine off too.

here are the photos...
the end result photo first: former garage, we converted into our New bedroom (after clearing out the office, the goods went into here as you can see) we only have a few more drywall pieces to hang, mud it, paint it, carpet it, and move our bedroom in. cat lovers? can you spy our kitty? he is walking by the door.
this is the room where it all began. it was, until last night, a bedroom, with a bed, and alot of stuff ; guess you could have referred to it as a storage/bedroom. i did not take any before pics. just imagine a bed, and a storage area with about 3 foot of area to walk through :) we still have this dresser to move out (side view) which hubby will do before he moves in his desk.
now it will be our new office/treadmill room. we found a great find of a desk (metal, durable, really cool, on craigslist for real cheap). right now it is waiting to be moved into this room. for now i set up a 'mock' desk area to get an idea of how things will sit.
ah, the treadmill... there are no words. it involved taking a door off its hinges, a bruised toe, sweat, more sweat. i actually got my workout in by just moving the darn thing from one room to another. maneuvering and twisting a piece of equipment this size to fit thru two doorways , well, as i said, there are no words.

where our (hubby's) new cool desk will sit.