Saturday, August 21


answer to a question: why did you choose ethiopia?
we have had 2-3 people ask us this since we made our decision.
our answer is a constant consisting of two words,
' the need ' .
and as one reader recently gently worded it, ' because that is where our daughter was' ... couldn't agree more.

parallel needs; a childs need stirred together with our need to love a child into our family.

we do offer insight here to help better inform & educate about adoption:

we know children within the U.S need families. we know this. and if you have adopted domestically, that too is beautiful; all children, no matter what part of the world, need and deserve a family. our take here is based solely on international because we are adopting from ethiopia and our feeling is the need for adoption within this third world country, is well, needier. it just is. much needier. when i say this, i do not mean need for family, i am referring to basic necessities. health care is scarce. parentless children are overpopulating the number of available caregivers. disease is abundant. the basic necessities offered within the united states for adoptable child(ren) are met, and well met at that. third world countries such as ethiopia can only hope for that kind of care for their orphanges. i could go on, but i don't want to & less is more; hence i will leave it at that.

in retrospect, within my own reflection i've come to realize that while i myself spent 4 years of my own childhood living within a third world country, it changed me. at an early age. i saw. i felt. i strongly knew the differences were huge. and, it stuck with me.

*you may also link to the following within our blog:
:we choose ethiopia:

...within love, because of human need.


twondra said...

I think it's wonderful! My brother and SIL adopted a son from there and are over there picking up their daughter as we speak. :) If you would like to talk to them, let me know and I can get you in touch with them! They are a huge help!

Michelle said...

I agree that it is wonderful. We only adopted domestically, because, well, that is just what fell into our laps without us even trying. It was just meant to be. But before that happened, we were going to pursue international as well. For the same reasons as you.

Tymm said...


You know my response to that question?

"Because that's where my daughter was."

So true...

Jenn said...

Adoption requires a lot of choices of us - there are many, many ways to go about it. The way I've explained it to people is that it's kind of like choosing your spouse - most of the time, you can find all sorts of logical reasons why this person is a good choice for your life partner, but in the end, it's because that is where your heart is. You just KNOW.

"That's where my daughter is.": that's pretty much what i always said, too. Especially now that they're home with me - I mean, where else COULD I have gone? My kids were in Ethiopia!

Best wishes to you on your journey.

Mike and Sarah Stiltner said...

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I also have gotten this question- and I finally have settled on this answer. Only people see needy children according to country. God just sees need children. May the Lord bless your journey! I look forward to following along!