Tuesday, September 7


part II of Mondays post, natural:
we biked to KY's Natural Bridge. a bridge which sits in its' natural state created by years upon years of water beating beneath it. as mentioned, check out our post from Monday to view the actual photos of the bridge. (the first photo you will see was taken from beneath the actual bridge; while the third photo is taken standing on the bridge itself looking down). this photo here is at the top; just before getting to the bridge. everyone had to walk through this narrow walkway (about 1.5 feet in width). very cool! me at the top. it was approximately a 2 mile hike straight up. turns & twists. and the higher you got, the steeper it took you. the end result was awesome. i sit by this shaded tree for a photo while taking in all the breath-taking beauty this view top offered.
my hubby & bro.-n-law enjoying the day. a moment of awe.
this was on our way out. this drive-thru tunnel was amazing. it was what i would title a cave tunnel. all natural. completely pitch dark. and air conditioned by nature herself. a blast on a motorcycle might i add.
we had a wonderfully great time. if you are ever in KY, i recommend visiting the Natural Bridge & all of its' magnificent surroundings.

Monday, September 6


Monday, 9/6. where did we spend our day?

here's one hint:& another:okay, three:
any guesses? if you are familiar with Kentucky territory you just might know. the post title is part of the answer. more photos to come of our relaxing, fun & beautiful outing, Labor Day, 2010.

& i have to comment on something that occurred today while walking down the trail; my husband softly gestures to me 'honey, look' . as i look up above me, to my sides , at the rocks and sites, he adds, ' honey, open your eyes' . what? huh? i'm thinking what is it i'm not seeing while my head seems to be in the clouds of bliss surrounding me. then, i look ahead, forward. coming up the trail towards us is a little girl, maybe 5 years old, with stunning Ethiopian features. behind her walks her daddy and further behind, out of breath, walks her mommy. both Caucasian. i look to my husband. i say 'thank you' under my breath, as i am smiling inside at this wonderful sign. a glimpse into our future. what are the chances of, while in the midst of a hike, passing this couple who had obviously adopted from Ethiopia. in our hearts we both knew. my husband and i smiled at each other; the kind of smile where only a couple shares those unspoken words of 'it's all good' focused from the heart, bypassing the mouth. our outing was beautiful and this one moment was important and softly reminds me of how we are on the right path. natural & literally.