Saturday, February 12

five stars

referring to one of my recent posts Here ,
bye bye satellite tv, hello mr. Flix.

it was SO refreshing to see the high quality and quanity of the movies,
television shows, etc. available thru netflix. 
- no more glaring ' assortment ' of brain numbing broadcasting .

for shows that aren't streaming, dvds can be queued.
our first two are:
Hotel Rwanda


with about one day turnaround to landing within our mailbox.

our first documentary thru streaming will be,
The Cove

all three are based on truth, and offer to educate those listening.

researching The Cove, it without a doubt is heartbreaking.
in the Hope of its' documentary may it alert all of us viewing to this
 tragedy happening to one of Gods most peaceful creations, the dolphin.

Monday, February 7


Piggy Bank Pictures, Images and Photos

So, I have been doing my research on ways to save at the market. 
For awhile now I have become interested in finding ways to coupon that actually make
a dent in food bills.  I am new to this.   If anyone has hints or advice on other sites
or these, and ways to get the most for your buck, please chime in. 
I know there is an art to good couponing, so if any artists of the savings kind
are reading , please leave a comment if you have strategies or techniques
you have come across putting pennies back into the piggy bank
Not looking to become a fanatic about it nor become overwhelmed as coupon
sites may reveal, but am looking to not just a couple square papers which only save
minimally short term, but rather to a ziplock full of paper savings which result in
the gratitude of walking from the market feeling proud. 
I already offset between the market with the dollar store which
does create savings within itself.  i love our small town however our
local paper does not spill out with savings so i would like to find ways to
get the most from couponing;  at an angle that supports
consumer savings and effort.
 These are the sites I have come across so far.

Curious if anyone is using one or more of these sites and if so, do you recommend?

For now, continuing to research this art form
and preparing to sharpen up the scissors  : }