...a journal of our journey to adoption,
i should include a brief summary of how we chose adoption or why we chose adoption;

although in Gods plan adoption has chosen us.
theoretically we tried for bio for a year but we weren't intent nor obsessed over having a biological child. what i mean by this is that it just did not matter to us how our child came to us.

after our miscarriage, we had NO desire to dip our feet into the 'fertility world'. sure, there were other options such as actual injectible cycles (hormone treatments for three weeks) with dr. assisted iui, invasive testing, etc. then of course the big ole ivf. but none of that sat too well with us. i mean, yeh we threw the idea around (this is how we figure things out) to feel our reactions. but nope-after weighing it out, adoption won us over. I.F. treatment was not the path for us and it did not feel right for us either.

we knew there was something else we were supposed to do. we discussed it; prayed about it. we knew it was adoption. when this was realized it became clear what was within our heart.

adoption for us is about wanting to parent. to have our little family. together. a child whom needs parents. and parents who need him just as much.

it is the bigger picture. to love a child who is in actual need. to mother a child who needs us just as we need him.

what is amazing is that it played out like a puzzle. the plan was there all along from God above. and what a beautiful grace filled plan .

all avenues have led us together; to eachother. and now, to adoption. all the stepping stones that came before were merely paving our way. to have peace and faith within your heart that comes from a confidence of knowing is priceless.

God is good; that goes without saying.