Friday, December 3

wax bakery

First photo of my Candle Pies! I love how they turned out and are SO much fun to make.

These are still for sale if interested. Apple Cinnamon Scented.
My cat tried to nibble on the Pie. LOL!

And, the Holiday Tarts are available as well...

Wednesday, December 1

for those adopting infant Girls ...

listed now on craigslist. email me for link if interested.

As we will now be adopting a little Boy :) these little Girl clothes are up for grabs. There is a Huge Lot of 10. Adorable stuff Ladies!!

Monday, November 29

a Yummy smellicious reminder ....

Candles Molded to resemble Real Holiday Pies from the Bakery.

*Sprinkled on top with real Cinnamon...
-for that added Home Made appeal :)

*Wax shaped into Apple slices embedded

*Wax cut to resemble dough layered pie crust

And as Pengy demonstrates above, they Appear good enough to eat ....

My kitchen will begin its Candle Pie making process next week. If interested orders need to be received by this Friday latest.

New customers =(2 candles) for 20.00 plus 4.95 ship together in box.

We have received 2 orders so far... thank you!...

and, Our FUNDRAISER thanks you!!