Monday, April 30

be back soon

hi... , if you are visiting to check out this blog it will be inactive for now and updated once we are back in the adoption process. fyi: while waiting for news of Vietnam to reopen, which became no-news, we've decided to now move on &  review information soon on a second country.

thx for stopping by- ;)

Monday, March 5


No comment :/   No news to post on potential adoption because the U.S. has/will? not approve country agreements y.e.t. , (per word of our potential agency) eventhough (the) waiting country has re opened.  After Years. Has orphans just waiting when they should not be, orphaned!  Come on! united states of America,  get 'er done!  good grief.

my vent!

Friday, March 2

all good things

come to those that? Have Patience!

adoption news:  waiting to wait to start new international program.
and then, oh yeh, wait again.
that about sums it up☺

worth it though, completely.

Wednesday, January 25

blog overhaul to come

have not posted here much at all but reason is there is no news to post.  we are in a waiting phase.  this blog will become more active this spring.  we will be finding out more information in the next few months.  i look forward to updating when we have information on the new program we will be applying for. it IS very exciting.

this is no longer an Ethiopia adoption blog. as mentioned before, ETH sadly slowed down their adoptions to an abrupt crawl.  i have not changed the header on this blog however once we announce the new path i will be redesigning the header !!