Wednesday, January 25

blog overhaul to come

have not posted here much at all but reason is there is no news to post.  we are in a waiting phase.  this blog will become more active this spring.  we will be finding out more information in the next few months.  i look forward to updating when we have information on the new program we will be applying for. it IS very exciting.

this is no longer an Ethiopia adoption blog. as mentioned before, ETH sadly slowed down their adoptions to an abrupt crawl.  i have not changed the header on this blog however once we announce the new path i will be redesigning the header !!

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looloo said...


I found your blog via Cat's Cats' blog.

We adopted 2 children, 12 years ago, and we met a lot of problems also! These countries, which can hardly take care of their youth, are so hypocrite! We adopted 2 Russians, they were in an orphanage, they had nothing, we had a home, love, a nice environment, but they acted as if they were not going to abandon their children to us, they made the adoption process so long and intricate, but finally we succeeded. We were broke when the kids arrived, we had had to borrow money to the bank a few months before their arrival, because the people of these countries think we are sooooooo rich and they keep on asking money for everything.

From which country are you?

Our "adoption story" is rather "special", because we did not adopt babies, but teenagers...

Anyway, good luck, and never give up!