Thursday, April 15

come on in

as this is a newer blog, i am welcoming new and first followers here; care to follow along thru my updates? link thru my sidebar and pull up a chair.
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Wednesday, April 14


usually i bring my own water along with me. from my own gallon which sits within our frig. paying a buck for this unit, the equivalent of 6-8 bottles makes sense to me and saves not only on overpopulating more plastic bottles within our earth but also saves us about 7.00 each gallon. i cringe when i have to spend a buck plus on a single.bottle.of.water. but this day was different. i forgot my water so upon searching for some from a stations' freezer door right after my hike and well, any drinkable water would do, i came across this one. a percentage from sales helps children get c.l.e.a.n water to drink. one of the countries it benefits? africa! a good cause and hello!we are adopting from this very place. a good thing this company is trying to do. not often that big corps try to do something so simple as...water and because it deserves recognition, i am obviously posting the name.

and oh, by the way, we are now only about, um, one month out from filling out our APPLICATION!!! excited to get started? nah, what ever gave one that idea?

and whom is the gorgeous model one may inquire, well, she is one of our kittycats, Pengy! all are seen at our catblog (link at sidebar) .

Monday, April 12

Squee! licious

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