Friday, April 9


so, i recently purchased this fanny pak. it took be awhile to find a good one: durable, all natural , etc. to use when i hike. this find went above and beyond my likes because it also is a non profit that donates 10% of the final sale price to support Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. no this is not a review. i am linking nothing. i was just very impressed to see such a great find for a low price that also does some good by being owned : ) .

Monday, April 5

rock on

and, it's adoption related...remember these!!

back in the 70's one could actually adopt a pet rock. my mom got me one and i thought it was the neatest thing...hey, i was around 9 at the time : ) . but even then, the idea of taking care of something and giving it a family (yes, a rock) was appealing to me. funny how some things just never change.