Friday, February 4


Mr. Watts is ROCK'n that beat.
LOVE it !
- goove'n it into the weekend ...

borrowed from a fellow adoption blogger Here;  thanks for the share :}

Tuesday, February 1


with my husbands touch, things tend to not only get fixed but become
 part of the bigger picture within our family's path. together, we are good at seeing things from the inside out; so when we saw this needed vehicle, offered at a heck-of-a-deal from a friend, an '88 Jeep, loaded not only with personality and charm, but more importantly
4 WHEEL DRIVE;  this baby had us at hello.
it has become hubby's project, with a cause as it will offer us more flexibility,
especially with weather.  it allows us an alternate to drive
at lower gas costs compared to our current work vehicle. 
he has worked purposely over the past months,
toward its' delicate transplant.  next, finding a donor jeep was crucial for
replacing needed parts;  as it would offer up a replacement motor. 
and as of today, the motor exchange is almost complete.
with some love and attention, it will be fabulous.

 like adoption; we saw something that needed us, and we needed. 
under our arm we mix in some patience, understand
what needs to be sustained, for this lone gem to Shine.

the Donor.

Sunday, January 30

happy content cookies

well-balanced nutritional facts filled our souls as our grins grew
in knowing these two fillings were right on !
- - -
last night my husband and i had Chinese food.
we decided to travel to the next town over for our favorite
take out, since it had been a long while since we tasted it
as our local spot suddenly disappeared.
- - -
bringing it home and enjoying our movie night,
we cracked these puppies open.
- - -
...and well, the dessert was simply scrumptiously inspirational .