Monday, April 30

be back soon

hi... , if you are visiting to check out this blog it will be inactive for now and updated once we are back in the adoption process. fyi: while waiting for news of Vietnam to reopen, which became no-news, we've decided to now move on &  review information soon on a second country.

thx for stopping by- ;)

Monday, March 5


No comment :/   No news to post on potential adoption because the U.S. has/will? not approve country agreements y.e.t. , (per word of our potential agency) eventhough (the) waiting country has re opened.  After Years. Has orphans just waiting when they should not be, orphaned!  Come on! united states of America,  get 'er done!  good grief.

my vent!

Friday, March 2

all good things

come to those that? Have Patience!

adoption news:  waiting to wait to start new international program.
and then, oh yeh, wait again.
that about sums it up☺

worth it though, completely.

Wednesday, January 25

blog overhaul to come

have not posted here much at all but reason is there is no news to post.  we are in a waiting phase.  this blog will become more active this spring.  we will be finding out more information in the next few months.  i look forward to updating when we have information on the new program we will be applying for. it IS very exciting.

this is no longer an Ethiopia adoption blog. as mentioned before, ETH sadly slowed down their adoptions to an abrupt crawl.  i have not changed the header on this blog however once we announce the new path i will be redesigning the header !!

Wednesday, December 7

note to blog

updating this blog!!!!   we have decided to go with another country program for our adoption.  ethiopia was turning into a long long wait with their new procedures that went into affect this year.  we have been waiting on another program and got some good news on it recently.  as we know more we will share it here.  when it gets closer to announcing which program we are applying for i will be able to write about it.  for now we continue to try and do our fundraisers and save money for early next year when we will be applying to the program.  good things to come!  stay tuned.

Tuesday, August 2

an august post

just to keep this blog from getting stale, here is another monthly post!
with ALL the uncertainty and confussion coming out of Eth this entire year, it seems nothing has resolved in how they intend to go forth with adoptions.  for now we have decided to opt out of this program as it seems too scattered and unstable as of now.  we have known for some time but i had not posted.  we have been focusing on another personal chosen path these past few months.  and perhaps a different international program next year.  we will see what is to come ;)

Saturday, June 11

a June post ;)

no updates here. just an update that there is no update. LOL!!  the international adoption system of eth seems to be mucked up in all directions.  and yes that is mucked up with an M , lol.  we have put that on very distant hold and have come to find ourselves enjoying some other  good decisions we have made that are all-good.  not revealing too much here now.  will one day update with time ; )   till then, have a good June!

Thursday, March 17

not good? (turns better !) an update

update: when the post below was rumor milled it was a truth. but what has occurred since, the head of MOWA and some of their employees (those in charge of implementing such drastic changes) were fired two days after announcing what caused such a stir. we hear this from other wonderful blogs so this info has been made available so it can be shared. Eth adoptions are still processing and mowa settles into thier new administration. the change seems to not be as drastic as the recently fired head of M had proposed yet they remain unsure of the changes to the program as far as the qaunity of adoptions. agencies continue to update as they are informed on the final flow of things. that's all anyone knows : ) but it is something. we continue to see how this palys out - we follow our inner voice, continue to do what we need to do as a family.
and for us, in the meantime we have made some Very Good decisions recently. good and real ones. while keeping this other door open still. the answers will reveal and come with time ; )
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Ethiopia has been placed in the 'rumor-mill' as having tentative plans to cut down its adoptions by 90% starting this month. 90% ! we are stunned. while i generally pay no attention to here say, i have researched this one, and for now it appears to be. how a country can disregard its orphans and close 45 of its orphanages knowing the children will die or be placed on the streets is horrifying. once on the wait list (which takes 4-6 months) the wait for a child would now be an additional 3 years! - compared to 3 months as it currently stood. it is too hard to think or write about Ethiopia right now as it only causes mixed & hurt feelings; we may not be continuing with this particular path and possibly need to refocus on another path. SO this blog will be post-free for awhile while i focus on keeping sanity.