Wednesday, December 15


a basket filled w/ 11 bags of candle pie Tarts,

to this- an empty basket.

Fund Raiser Success... thank you (my) B !!!

Tuesday, December 14

G's kitchen

Fund Raiser Holiday candle PIE Tarts.
Available now to pre-order visit 'our Store'.

Becoming avialable in new Grandmas Kitchen scent.

paint, round 1

first coat of paint; done.
before photo: link .

Monday, December 13

CB tree is up ..

...can link to our catblog post here: 'tree to cuddle under' to see photos of a before link & after shots taken during the process of bring'n good ole Mr. Browns tree to life 2010 style .

Sunday, December 12

crib climber & making our Tree...

we were blessed to come across a baby crib. it has been in my husbands family for generations. he slept within this very crib. today we brought it inside. we love how it exerts the way cribs should feel; warm, cozy, beautiful simple structure. in the near future we will be painting it a warm color.
our cat, pengy, found it very interesting. used it as her ladder climbing right up to inspect. once the mattress is in, i foresee this crib being the cozy bed for 4 cats before their brother comes home.

today was very creative around our house as well...
because today we began making our very own first Charlie Brown cmas tree:
pengy scoping out the goods; we used a previously cut log & branch from our backyard,

before photo; our tree stump and branch,

getting down to business; daddy creating branch inset w/ his drill,

side view,

and, top view,
and, UM, kitty view,
kitty approved and climbable might i add.
i'm thinking by tomorrow our blog will post the finished product; lights, the single red bulb, and some extra Christmas Kraft warmness taking it back to the classic Charlie Brown winter scene.

this tree idea came upon me one nite and I could not shake it... it was the tree we were to create; our own warm tradition, 2010. i knew with my husband we could make it happen. thanks babe!