Wednesday, November 10

drywall. wet paint.

we just finished drywalling our bedroom! whoop!! next steps.... mudding & painting then the carpet- then we can officially move our furniture down from our 'now' bedroom into our new one. and that means the baby's room is now ready to welcome our child in to one day. actually it will be the baby's room slash guest room as it will have a twin bed in it for when our child grows :) and probably also used for late nights and early mornings for mom and daddy to chill out in when we are up with our little one!! Cant wait to start doing a lil decorating. the walls are painted red, which we will keep. i plan on painting gray elephants or similar mid-height around the crib in a border style. this bedroom has its own bathroom and walk in closet so our baby will have his own baby suite to grow into which is kinda cool. we have renovated our 'new' bedroom downstairs by opening up the wall to the bathroom so we too will have access to one :)- jack and jill doors. i have a feeling though that our lil one will be spending alot of time with us in our room during the adjustment- and it just so happens we came across a smaller crib recently that has been in my husbands family for generations. he used it as a baby as did many others. very cool! i see that crib being in our room as well :)

Sunday, November 7

quick update

right now we are working on some home improvements. we have been assigned our social worker with our agency. soon we will be applying with our home study agency as well. the next step with the adoption is to start on our official application. we are getting there!!! :)