Monday, February 28

hush; now...

lyrics of her songs certainly do pull on heartstrings and interpretations by the
ones listening.  in particular, words from this are humbling;  singing dual
Hope to the ears of Both this waiting adoptive mama & our future son.

" [and, the world thought had it all But was waiting for you;  Hush, now see a light in the sky, it's 
almost blinding; can't believe been touched by an angel with love; Let the rain come down, wash
away tears, Let it fill soul, drown fears. Let it shatter walls for a new sun. 'a new day has come', oh] "

upon our Gotcha day i look forward to linking back to this post,
as a reminder of the calm of musical peace it offered. and as reference
to a song i already knew would be used within our family video.