Thursday, March 25

from ethiopia with love

why we are adopting from ethiopia,

or in other words, why we chose ethiopia,
or in other words, why ethiopia chose us.

there is reason 1:
in Ethiopia, approximately 1 in 10 children die in infancy, and nearly double that number die by their 5th birthday, due to infections, tetanus, and diarrhea. Ethiopia is considered the 3rd worst place in the world to be born, better only than Burkina Faso and Djibouti. Of the children who survive, many will lose their mother in childbirth and many more will lose one or both parents to HIV/AIDS.

or for example, reason 2:
as more and more parents die, the capacity of extended family members to take care of orphans shrinks. Ethiopia has reached the breaking point where orphaned children are now forced into the streets, into difficult working conditions and/or into heading their households.

and then there's reason 3:
in 2001, 13.2% of the population (3.8 million children) were orphaned. In comparison, the 1994 genocide in Rwanda resulted in 500,000 orphans and the 2004 Tsunami in Southeast Asia resulted in 10,000 orphans.

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and of course:

reason 4:
the children are amazing & the country is simply grace .

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