Monday, August 30

fluttering yellow halo

i was texting with my dear friend Michelle today, mentioning an experience that lasted about 2 minutes yesterday. she said ' i think it is a sign' , and i already agreed as that is what i felt Sunday for those brief moments in my car...
it occurred yesterday as i was driving home. on our country road. just my car on the road. a beautiful day. when what seemed like 500 yellow butterflies appeared within the parameters of the outside of my vehicle. they stayed, fluttering around, and traveling with me. on the radio i noticed what song was playing. my body, my mind, my instinct intertwined at that moment. i knew.

my mother passed away 6 years ago. yellow was her favorite color of flower. the artist who was singing on the radio was one of her all time favorite singers. we grew up listening to his voice blaring on the record player, the 8 track, you name it.

i listened to the words. i watched the butterflies. it was beautiful.

the song sang words that were not of coincidence at that very moment. it sang of reaching out, hands touching hands, spring becoming summer;
we decided to adopt this past spring & we apply to adopt in Oct.
it sang of affirmation, of pride in someone you love. for myself, it was interpretation of my mothers love. of her comfort & validation in knowing her daughter is happy. her peace knowing we are adopting a child, a daughter, her grandchild. it sang of a message of love and comfort. of life's grand full circle. and that she was okay and loving us all from above.
as the village of yellow butterflies danced around my vehicle & the song played on, the two paralleled into one occurring at the same moment creating its' glory.
this experience was my mom. some things you just know.

the song:


Theresa said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. You will love Ethiopian food as it is very flavorful. I really enjoy it and Dave loves it. I can't wait to hear what you think!

wildflowers said...

thank you for your comment. i am glad to see the comment section is working. i dont know why but my blog requires the post title to be clicked in order to leave comments. bizarre.

anyhow- yes! cant wait to try the Eth food. yum.

Paula said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love visitors. :) Good luck with your adoption!


So glad you stopped by my blog. How beautiful to see and be surrounded by all the butterflies. Many Blessings,