Thursday, February 18

rompers and romping

wow! i just found some great ebay deals on some new
 gymboree Rompers, dresses, onesies and shirts. some real CUTE stuff! i bought 23 items total so we are closer to our lot of clothes for months 6-12. packages are on their way. the time is getting closer, April will be here soon. :)

snow? we got lots of it. so today i decided to go out in it for a bit and enjoy. well, until my hands turned to ice, as i went Romping in it gloveless..on enjoy it. i made a teeny tiny snowman. we have three outdoor kitties who have adopted us this winter, and they frolicked around me. i dug deep into the two foot wall of snow and pulled out some clean stuff and opened my mouth. you GOTTA do that every so often.

in the winters to come, our little one will be home to Romp in it, seeing her first snow wall, snowman, pouncing kitties and to touch her first snow.

stay warm !

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