Sunday, January 24


one BIG step completed. i have decided on the adoption agency we will use. it came down to two favorites. of course in life there is not a perfect choice, just the best choice.

we have a goal timeframe set for filling out our application (which we have in our kitchen drawer waiting to be inked) and that will now be the first of April.
2 months!! we will be getting our house appraised then also.

we have also made another decision.
what is that?
i'll just say we are joining the PINK team.

that was kinda a toughie. but one day it just came to me and i knew.

so, it ONLY took me a month to get these two decisions made. lol! hey, but these were BIGGIES. from here on out it will be much less decisions and primarily paperwork upon paperwork. and then a bunch of waiting.
hurry up and wait as it is said. the other day i saw a onesie online that read "worth the wait"- that says it all.

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