Thursday, January 14

pre-GO checklist

okay so far i have this under our belt:

1. have contacted at least 6-7 different agencies asking about thier guidelines, procedures, etc.
2. received info. packets from 3-4 agencies to review and compare
3. researched, on my own, the country of Ethiopia, the Hague agreement and the legits.
4. contacted other families who have adopted through the Ethiopia program.
5. compared agencies

6. (bought 4 bottles and a sippy cup) couldn't help it!! can you blame me.
7. we purchased the rest of our home improvement material to finish that up.
8. we have set a goal date for our home appraisal (spring) at which time we will find a local social worker for our homestudy.
9. prayers, hope & faith , excitment and nervousness and a whirlwind emotions.

to all the above- check, check & CHECK!

sidenote: for some reason i cannot get the comment link to enable itself so readers can leave one. if you would like to comment OR have advice on IA please contact me using my above(right)email. thanks.

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