Thursday, February 25

'what we got'

we have the big home improvements done.
for instance, the room we are renovating into our

new bedroom (our old bedroom will now be the future baby (room). we put in a new floor (the actual floor) and we made the new door entrance from our room to the bathroom. now , or next, is to finish drywall, then mud and paint. then move the furniture from upstairs, and the second bedroom furniture to upstairs, as that room will now be our office. the wood place finished our door frames, so we picked those up. we are waiting on the flooring and trim. ta da! then we will be done.
it is coming together. day by day. life is good.
'love is...what we got! remember that, love is...'
good ole song, that one.
yes, this blog has a -new name, with personal meaning, and, it works ;)

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