Wednesday, January 6

heart bound

at first we were considering looking into kazahkstan. it has a wonderful program where you go and bond for two weeks. HOWEVER the total travel time for at least one parent would be two months! that seemed a bit , well, excessive.

i happened to talk to someone briefly who adopted through ethiopia.
so i did my research and read many personal stories over and over from families who made this journey. it was a matter minutes and i never looked back. THIS is where we will go.
ethiopia heart bound.

we plan to start the application after we compltetely finish our home improvements downstairs. we are looking at the first of march. 7 weeks!

once our application is approved we begin what all internationally adoptive parents refer to as the paper chase!! this along with the fingerprinting, background check, applications for visas, etc and the nerveracking homestudy can take between 3-5 months estimate. once our dossier (combined packet of paperwork) is completed our agency sends it over to ethiopias government for court dates , referral, and approval!!

part of my heart is already over there in ethiopia waiting to hold our child.

we will be applying for infant under 12 months. we expect the wait to be around 18 months from time of application.

we will fly into ethiopia and spend one week there. we plan on taking our video recorder and filming alot of this amazing country and the beautiful faces not only for family to see but for our child to be able to watch as he/she grows older.


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