Wednesday, February 23

toll road

okay, so an addendum to last weeks post. as some unexpected
expenses sprang up we will have to wait a little bit longer to send in our
second agency fee. the positive side is we still did manage to save half of what we
need and put it in savings! in a couple weeks we should be posting an updated
post that we were able to mail in our fee in full ! patience and time is being learned
and taught to myself  in full force. and, i have come to see this is a good
quality to have going forth in the adoption process ; )  it is similar to
pulling up to a toll booth with .50 when you need 1.oo. ; coming back
later waiting for that bar to raise to continue on your path. My husband
 told me just today, ' God is preparing us with patience for our journey with him' , 
and that is exactly what this woman needed to hear. 
- thanks hon! -

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