Tuesday, August 10

smells good...

soon we will begin the paperchase of adoption. by oct. we will have sent in our official application. i have followed many, many many ETH (and other) adoption blogs for well, 8 months now. just look at our sidebar : ) of all the beautiful adoption stories. those of us adopting from ETH now know of the two trip requirement. i want to try a fundraiser to raise funds for those extra two tickets. i noticed on many other adoption blogs the ladies are doing some fundraisers as well of t-shirts, etc. i am surveying to see who would be interested in my homemade candle Tarts. i plan on beginning to make & sell them this Oct. throughout next Summer. let me know, are there some of you out there who would be interested in purchasing canlde tarts? all profit goes into our adoption fundraiser fund.
the tarts will each be in Ethiopian colors!

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