Thursday, September 10

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 any donations received here to aid in our goal is thru your sole choice and decision and therefore is optional only.

log of names we thank.

1)Sep. 6, 2009, Teresa Thorsteinson, $1.00
2)Sep. 6, 2009 Carol Pugh, $3.00
comment: 'Such a good cause.'
3)Sep. 6, 2009, ML Giggleman, $10.00
comment: 'Love & Purrs, KC.'
4)Sep. 6, 2009, Joe & Caroline Curdy, $125.00
comment: 'It is going to happen. I have faith. Faith is everything!! Do not stress, and stay calm. Everything will be as it should be.'
5)Sep. 10, 2009, Jennifer Lilly, $15.00
comment: ...'happy to be able to help in some small way.'
6)Sep. 10, 2009, Carol Pugh, $5.00
comment: 'Wishing you every good luck in your quest.. Every little bit helps. I am glad to top up my last weeks amount.' xxx GJ xxx
7)Sep.10, 2009, Dana Hadder, $5.00
comment: 'best of luck...we would like to help a little too!'
8)Sep.13, 2009, $10.00
comment: 'Good luck'! (Ozark mountain cats).
9)Sep.15, 2009, Christy Meyer, $20.00
10)Sep.15, 2009, anonymous, $10.00
comment: 'wishing you all the best on your journey.'
11)Oct.16, 2009, Cheryl Krane, $5.00
12)Oct.16,2009, Karla Hanks, $2.00
comment: 'for a real good cause :) ' .

we will find a way to finance our dream on our own but your generousities sure do help in getting a little closer to the cause .all funds remain in acct. until we ourselves can achieve ivf or adoption along with your thoughtful contribution.

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